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Honeywell TH9320WF5003 WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat

Honeywell th9320wf5003

Are you looking for the best and most reliable thermostat?

The Honeywell TH9320WF5003 WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat is the ultimate thermostat that delivers reliable and convenient service. It allows for simple programming; hence ideal for all users. Apart from this, it is easy to control using voice commands. This is because the thermostat works with Amazon Alexa.

With the custom display on the widescreen, you can easily set and
program the device. Since it features the Total Connect Comfort app, you can remotely control the device to achieve the ideal temperature needed in the room. It is also elementary to install; hence the ultimate selection to try out.


  • Wide Custom Screen
  • Total Connect Comfort App
  • 7-Day Programming
  • Power Economical

Wide Custom Screen

For easy programming, the Honeywell thermostat has a wide and big screen that displays all the information. You can, therefore, set and program the thermostat to suit your needs. The large screen is also very sensitive and can easily be customized to match the interior décor.

Total Connect Comfort App

When looking for the ideal thermostat that will perfectly suit you, then you need to try out this. It is a great thermostat that you can control remotely thanks to the great app. With this, it is easier to remotely monitor the device from your phone device. It also allows you to manage energy use from anywhere.

7-Day Programming

The quality thermostat is also easy to program thanks to the 7-day programming system. You can, therefore, easily program the device to achieve a given temperature on specific days. With this, it assures of more reliable service; hence the ultimate selection to try out. You can always program the device from the custom display screen.

Power Economical

Besides the efficient services, the thermostat is also very economical on power. With the energy-saving mode, the device will consume low power just as expected. This implies that it will reduce your electricity bill; hence the ultimate thermostat to check out for.


  • It saves on power
  • Easy to use and program
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Can be controlled remotely


  • The installation guide may be missing

With this great thermostat, it is now easy to regulate the temperature of your room. The thermostat can easily be programmed to achieve a given temperature. Besides this, it is also easy to control through the custom display screen or remotely. This is because of the Total Connect Comfort system, which makes it ergonomic.

The thermostat is also economical on power. You just need to set it to the energy-saving mode and it will lower your electricity usage. Lastly, you can also customize the screen to match the interior décor, making it ideal for all rooms.

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