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Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smart Home

The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat for the smart home is a thermostat that can be used with home automation for controlling a home’s heating or air conditioning. A Wi-Fi thermostat or a smart thermostat is one that not only allows you to program heat settings for your home but also provides the option to do it automatically with the help of sensors.

The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat for smart home has different features such as –

Easy DIY installation – This device can be easily installed into your home without any one’s help within 30 minutes, as it has an easy installation process and videos in the app to guide you through.A wide range of compatibility – This device works with a wide range of HVAC equipment which can be found in most of the homes.

Geofencing – It is a feature that automatically controls the temperature of your home according to your smart phone’s location. If you are not in a radius of 3 miles from your, the temperature will be changed to save energy and when you move back in the 3-mile radius, it will revert the temperature back to its previous setting.

7-day flexible scheduling – It is a feature that allows you to make a customized schedule that fits your routine, which is very useful for people with hectic schedules.

Smart home compatibility – This device works with platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and Wink Home platforms, which are getting common in homes.

Remote access – You can easily access the thermostat from anywhere with the help of the Sensi mobile app and can easily make changes whenever required.

Alerts – The Sensi thermostat immediately sends you an alert whenever the temperature or humidity level is either too high or too low, giving you an idea about your home’s temperature.


It works well with smart home platforms, it supports 4 stage heating and two-stage cooling, it is relatively easy to install and use, it can be accessed from anywhere through its Sensi app available on both IOS and Android, features like Geofencing and flexible scheduling are also useful. It has a simple design, a good touch screen and a reasonable price.


It doesn’t have automatic scheduling and control sensors.

The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat is a smart thermostat which can easily replace the old thermostats in your homes, it offers a lot of features which are very useful like Smart home compatibility, Geofencing, flexible scheduling etc, though it lacks automatic scheduling, and control sensors, it is a bang for the buck product sold at Amazon for the best price which you should definitely check out.

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